How to learn computers ‘real good’


By Matt Bentley

I thought I’d rattle off some organisations, people and websites that are good for those wanting to up their ante in terms of computer skills.

Locally there’s our in-home trainer, Heather Wickham, of Catch Up Training, who will quite happily go to your premises to teach you things. If you’d prefer off-site, there’s a few more options:

  • Ace Computer Training have courses on a variety of common software packages and operating systems, with skill ranges from beginner to advanced.
  • If you’re an oldie, a good option is Hamilton Seniornet, who largely teach the basics of use and programs for Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  • For – very specifically – Microsoft Excel training, there’s Able Owl, who train beginners to experts in the ways of Microsoft-centric spreadsheets.
  • And lastly, for those who’d rather save their money, there’s free computer training available through the Wintec Basic Computing program.

Finally, here’s a few online resources for those who just want to look stuff up for themselves:

  • – Online resource with specific guides for a variety of activities.
  • – A largely computer-centric technical resource in a specific question-and-answer format.
  • – A myth-busting site, largely for figuring out whether or not that dubious meme your aunty posted is true.
  • – For everything else.

Do you need something that very specifically isn’t computer training? I’m interested in whether or not you remembered to backup your data, and record your passwords. For help with that sort of thing and the services I offer see here at Bentley Home PC Support.

Or email Matt on or phone 0211348576.

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