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The latest book by Tamahere author Nicky Webber is another true life tale that lends truth to the saying that real life can be stranger than fiction.

Duplicity, secrets of a decadent double life is based on the true-life experiences of a wealthy call-girl that Webber met when she was a magazine journalist.

Duplicity, secrets of a decadent double life.

Webber’s writing focuses on real, controversial characters living extraordinary lives. One of her earlier books was No Ordinary Man, which told the story of Mick Thompson, a young, heroic, World War II soldier and cross dresser.

“Years ago, I worked as a magazine journalist and stumbled upon a story about an intelligent, wealthy, high-class call-girl. A hooker in anyone else’s vernacular. It took many months of assurances and arranging private interviews before I was able to meet her in the flesh,” Webber recalls.

“It was one of the most astounding interview sessions I ever encountered.”

In Duplicity, names, dates and the geographic location have been changed to protect the identity of the woman, known in the book as Sophia Huston.

“I believe the story provides some insight into the psychological makeup of people who choose this lifestyle,” Webber said. “She is, of course, a rare exception and bears no resemblance to the majority of broken women, who ply their trade, on city streets and in brothels. This book explores the reasons why this attractive, university educated, daughter from a well-established, wealthy family pursued this decadent direction.”

Set in Sydney’s upper echelons, Sophia offers love-for-sale to high society’s elite businessmen.

Born into eye-watering wealth, Sophia is intelligent, stunning, and a charming sophisticate. Life’s perfect until her mother dies, and her father’s business is bankrupted. Sophia and her sister face tough decisions that risk everything.

University educated, Sophia speaks four languages and sets her sights on re-securing her once affluent lifestyle. At first, she begins a complicated affair with her father’s business associate. Within a year, she secretly plots to live two separate lives. One in a quiet Sydney suburb working as an interior designer to camouflage her real occupation as a secret lover to several wealthy men.

In a matter of years, she secures a luxurious penthouse and sets up business as a high-class mistress for seven powerful men. Each lover believes he is the one and only, and each pays Sophia a monthly retainer to keep her on-call.

The story follows Sophia’s duplicitous arrangements asking whether her lifestyle can survive prying questions. How smart does she have to be to survive blackmail and manage her wealthy clients? Will accumulated wealth finally buy her happiness?

Duplicity is available on Amazon or here from the author’s website.

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