Views on animal keeping sought


The Waikato District Council is seeking feedback on its proposed Keeping of Animals Bylaw.

The bylaw’s purpose is to avoid or prevent nuisance issues that occur from keeping animals on private property in the Waikato district.

Council Monitoring Team Leader Tanya O’Shannessey said with changes happening in the district, especially new developments in urban areas, the council wanted to make sure that its bylaw mitigated or avoided any issues caused from people keeping animals.

“The bylaw sets out rules and parameters for keeping certain animals in urban areas, and outlines where, for example, you can have a pigsty or keep poultry. It’s about keeping our communities healthy and safe.”

Some of the changes include the length of time you can have a lamb in the urban area.

The length of time to keep a lamb in an urban area is up for discussion

“We know that many families take part in Ag Days and it’s very important to them, so we’re proposing that the length of time you can have a lamb in an urban area is 60 days.”

Submissions can be made here on the council website until 5pm, Monday, January 25 (2021).

A meeting will be held in February for anyone that would like to speak to their submission. The council will then consider all the submissions received and make decisions on any amendments to the proposed bylaw as a result.

As well as being online here, the proposal can be viewed at the council’s offices and libraries. 

One thought on “Views on animal keeping sought

  • December 16, 2020 at 9:23 am

    It is more practical to be able to keep apet lamb than pigs or chickens pigs stink chicken if free range wondering where they want. Goats however are the worst of them all as true to there owners have no respect for neighbours properties. There should be limited rights to lifestyle blockers on the amount of animals versus land available to graze. A good look into this would be an advantage to and for nieghbours needing to watch animals on land that cannot sustain them.


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