Club move inspires poetry


By Carol Roberts

 Tamahere Country Club - the poem
 We’ve walked a long and winding road
 On the journey of our life
 We been blessed with lots of happiness 
 But we’ve had some times of strife
 We earned our living on the farm
 Mostly milking those darn cows
 But it kept us out of mischief 
 And in the end it did us proud 
 We’ve raised our three children 
 Now there’s grandies - quite a few
 So it’s time to look to our future 
 Maybe try something new
 Tamahere Country Club was first 
 Suggested by our son
 We thought that he was joking
 Just having a bit of fun 
 But then we did some thinking 
 Some research about getting old
 We looked at friends and their families 
 Some sad stories we did behold 
 We wanted to be settled 
 We wanted to be secure
 And we didn’t want to burden 
 Our children for evermore 
 So we sauntered in to see Sandy
 She was still in that little hut
 We looked at plans and sections
 Till we found one that made the cut
 We signed up all the legal stuff 
 Then went merrily on our way
 We weren’t going to move in for over a year
 It was ages and ages away 
 I don’t know where that time went
 It just seemed to disappear
 Then they wanted decisions 
 On colours for the interior 
 And that was just the beginning 
 Of the things they made us choose
 Kitchens, laundries, wardrobes
 I tell you the stress was HUGE
 October 21 was move in day
 To our nineteenth family home
 The shift was made so easy
 By the kindness we were shown
 The flowers were just beautiful 
 The baking was superb 
 Though we were eating it for three more days
 Even after feeding the herd
 And now we are old timers 
 We’ve settled in just fine
 We particularly enjoy happy hour 
 With our drinks of beer and wine
 We say thanks to Brendon and the team 
 For ensuring all is well
 And doing it with smiles and grace
 No matter how they feel
 We are both looking to the future 
 We think we will have fun
 And that is what we’re here for 
 When all is said and done 
 But to our closest neighbors 
 Please don’t turn on your ears 
 Because sometimes our language 
 Just might realise all your fears
 And if you see motorbikes and hot rods 
 Don’t think the gangs are on the way
 That’s just Pete and his toys
 Coming out to play
 So finally let’s raise our glasses 
 To good health and good cheer
 We wish you all a Merry Christmas 
 And a very Happy New Year 
  • Carol Roberts is a resident of the Tamahere Country Club

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