Boy racer plague continues


Increasing problems caused by boy racers on Tamahere roads have prompted a range of measures designed to deter the behaviour, at least in the central area.

Hot spots in Tamahere include Pickering and Raynes roads, and, as was brought to the attention of the Tamahere Community Committee (TCC) recently, also the area around Devine Rd and Wiremu Tamihana Dr.

Boy racers are a problem in Tamahere particularly on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights

TCC chair Sue Robertson said it was fortunate that when two local residents raised the issue of the increasing boy racer problem with the committee at its recent meeting that key officials were also at the meeting.

“Fortunately, a representative of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency was present along with two Waikato District Council staff members who are all going to come back to us with some suggestions for dealing with the problem.

“Police, when contacted by the public cannot get there in time and have requested locals get photographs of number plates, which is very difficult for them to do,” Robertson said.

“We have asked the council roading staff to investigate putting in some speed humps along Wiremu Tamihana Dr. Also proposed, temporary roundabouts to be trialled at the Devine-Birchwood and Devine-Wiremu Tamihana intersections will also likely mean that the area is no longer very attractive to the boy racers.”

Tamahere district councillor Aksel Bech said in addition to the roundabouts, a new pedestrian crossing on Wiremu Tamihana Dr, near the Devine Rd intersection, will be raised “so as to be unfriendly to boy racers.”

He had also requested a temporary speed hump towards the Airport Rd end of Wiremu Tamihana Dr.

Bech said also expected soon was a an onsite visit from a security camera expert to discuss security cameras for the shopping centre and surrounds, which among other things could capture number plate details in low light.

The second lot of swings, pictured, were stolen in 2019 and have yet to be replaced

Security has been an issue at the shopping centre and nearby playground since at least July 2019 when the first of two sets of hammock swings were stolen. They were replaced but were stolen again in September the same year and there is as yet no word when they will be replaced again.

Each hammock cost $2000, which included the heavy protected rope, timber for the ends, stainless steel bolts and fittings. They were designed to last 10-15 years.

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  • March 11, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    We are having a problem with louts doing donuts early hours of the mornings on the corner of Pencarrow and Airport Roads.


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