Hall closed for repair


The Tamahere Community Centre is undergoing its first major refurbishment since it was built in 2006 and is closed until April 30.

The $70,000 worth of maintenance on the Devine Rd building includes replacing the ceiling tiles in the entrance, meeting rooms and toilet area while the hall tiles will be more firmly secured in place.

The entrance, meeting rooms and hall will also be repainted.

The Tamahere Community Centre is undergoing its first major repair work

“This is probably the only major maintenance in the last 15 years and to be fair the building is in pretty good nick,” said Community Centre Committee member Graham McAdam.

“However, the building was built with silver insulation paper beneath the roofing as used at the time. This has sweated and run down on the ceiling pinex tiles in the entrance/meeting rooms toilet area. These are being replaced after the roof has been lifted and the silver paper removed and replaced with the appropriate building paper,” McAdam said.

“In the hall the pinex tiles have a different problem. The tiles either blow out in certain wind conditions or are knocked out by balls being kicked. So the tiles will all be secured with double clipping and replaced where needed.”

The work is being carried out by project managers Livingston Builders and the work has been approved by the Waikato District Council which is managing the contracts and health and safety.

The Community Centre Committee is now focusing on repainting the outside of the building “in the not too distant future” and upgrading the toilet and kitchen facilities.

“This facility is a quality building and we are determined to keep at maintenance as required so we enjoy this asset  well in to the future,” McAdam said.

The building, which has a floor area of 850sq m, is made up of a main area/gymnasium which has markings for basketball, badminton and volleyball.

There are two meetings room, one with an attached tea room, a seminar room, stage, green room and two kitchens. The hall also has storage rooms, toilets and a bluetooth/wireless sound system.

The facility is used by various sports groups and fitness classes, school holiday programmes, adult dance classes, dance competitions, balls and weddings. The community also hold meetings, fairs, and expos and the Tamahere School uses it for assemblies, sports practice, prizegiving and cultural events.

The centre has its own website here from which it can be booked for functions.

School extra

Meanwhile, a new classroom and staff room were added to Tamahere School when portable buildings arrived in the early hours of Tuesday this week.

But there were serious hiccups when work on the buildings, which are on the site of the school’s original swimming pool, cut the school’s water supply.

The school made an urgent call to parents to keep their children home if possible on the last day of the school term as toilets and water were mostly unavailable.

A newly arrived classroom and staffroom brought the school term to an early close

When water was reconnected one classroom flooded.

“I am sure we will see significant progress over the holidays with our new block,” said principal Waveney Parker in the last school newsletter of the term.

“We are looking forward to having this wonderful new facility, which will benefit students and staff.”

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