Bylaw corrals horses, roosters


The recently reviewed Waikato district Keeping of Animals Bylaw has now been confirmed and puts the riders of path-fouling horses on notice.

The bylaw sets out rules and parameters for keeping certain animals in rural areas, including the country living zone, and outlines where, for example, you can have a pigsty, beehives or poultry.

It requires horse riders to clean up the dung from their mounts.

Horse dung must be cleaned up from public places

“Where any horse defecates on any public place, footpath, road or reserve in such a way that it may cause a nuisance to other users, the person who has custody of that horse shall remove and dispose of such defecations immediately and in a way that does not cause a nuisance or offence,” the bylaw states.

Roosters are banned in the country living zone, which makes up central Tamahere.

Also in the country living zone and rural residential areas, beehives must be no closer than 12 metres to an adjoining boundary to a residential dwelling. The number of hives on properties from 500 sq m to 2000 sq m must be no more than two, unless by prior written approval.

On properties from 2001 sq m to 4000 sq m the number of hives is four, and for properties larger than that six.

The full bylaw can be downloaded below.

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