Expressway progress in pictures


Recent aerial photos of the Waikato Expressway carving through Tamahere give a bird’s eye view of the work’s progress.

The big picture at the Southern Interchange looking toward Cambridge. Traffic from the city heading south goes over the curved bridge to merge with expressway traffic. If heading to Tamahere there is a slip lane up to the left taking people to Bollard Rd/Cherry Lane or over the East West Link Bridge to the western side of the highway. All traffic is currently on what will be the Hillcrest-bound off-ramp, while to the right of that is an on-ramp for local traffic heading to the city.
Tamahere traffic will come and go via ramps here or at the Airport Road interchange.
A new road connects the interchange to Birchwood Lane, across the bottom of this photo.
Expressway traffic heading north or south goes under both bridges at Tamahere.
Looking south. The main expressway alignment will have eight lanes at this point – two into the city, two heading north, two heading south, and two lanes merging from the city heading south.

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