Dog owners dodgy on rules


A discussion on dogs and the rules governing them has revealed some dog owners are not familiar with the current, district-wide dog control policy.

The online discussion here on Tamahere Forum arose after complaints about dogs running free on Tamahere Park and as the Waikato District Council dog control policy is about to come up for review.

One dog owner also directly emailed the Forum editor, writing that “I have a dog, who I walk at the park, usually with the lead on, but will always do so from now on. I did not know about the special dog park, so will check it out, haven’t seen any of the signs tho. Worst thing for me is the people who do not pick up their dog poo, maybe we need more signs.”

The writer wasn’t the only dog owner who didn’t know that the council requires dogs to be leashed in all public areas unless they are in a designated off-leash area in a park. Information that is readily available on the council website here.

The Tamahere Community Committee is seeking the views of locals – dog owners and non-dog owners alike – about the rules and provisions for dogs in the area, including on whether a dedicated exercise area is needed.

Dog owners Janet and Peter Bardsley commented that the current exercise area at Te Awa Reserve was small and unsafe and that there needed “to be safe areas for dogs to socialise in Tamahere.”

Another dog owner commented that she was shocked to see so many dogs off leash at Tamahere Park on a recent weekend.

To give your views on dog issues in Tamahere comment below or email the community committee at

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