Rates rise in Waikato


Rates are to rise 3.5 per cent in the Waikato district in this 2022/23 financial year.

The council decided no public consultation was required on the rise because the figure was planned for in last year’s 10-Year Long Term Plan with which the 2022/23 Annual Plan’s financial reporting and targets aligned.

Ratepayers can check their individual rates online with Council’s Rates Information Database (RID) calculator http://www.waikatodistrict.govt.nz/rid.

Mayor Allan Sanson said the Long Term Plan was developed with considerable public consultation.

“The council made efforts to implement rate increases that were fair for our ratepayers, whilst ensuring that infrastructure and assets receive the maintenance and upgrades needed to effectively serve our people.

“The success of no changes being made to the rate increases in our Annual Plan this next financial year is a major win for both council and our communities”, he said.

The 2022/23 Annual Plan will see money being allocated across a variety of projects and infrastructure upgrades, including:

  • District Plan mandatory changes or variations through to resolution and adoption
  • Maintenance of sealed and unsealed roads
  • Upgrades to intersections, bridges and road corridors
  • Extensions and upgrades to the stormwater, wastewater and drinking water networks
  • Implementation of Council’s new customer portals including self-service capabilities to building consents lodging and tracking
  • Maintenance of library books

For further details and to read the full Annual Plan 2022/23, visit the council website.

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