Teamwork best on climate

We can all make personal efforts to lessen our impact on Aotearoa-New Zealand and the planet but a more effective way – like our action on Covid-19 – will be as a team of five million.

One of the most important teamwork opportunities is presented by the Climate Change Commission/He Pou a Rangi, which recently released its draft advice to Government on the steps Aotearoa must take to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change.

Public consultation on the draft advice runs until March 28, 2021 and can be as easy as filling out a survey here.

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Big shake up for water ahead

The Government is planning a ‘managed buyout’ of the country’s water services. This would see responsibility for the so-called Three Waters – drinking water, wastewater and stormwater – taken out of the hands of local councils.

Instead, they would be managed by several (probably four) regional public agencies.

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