Super slow cooking

A slow cooker can be the best friend of those living in the fast lane. Tasty, nutritious meals can be quickly assembled in one pot in the morning and the delicious aromatic results enjoyed while relaxing in the evening.

Another good thing about slow cookers — they’re great for the budget using minimal electricity and transforming cheaper, tougher cuts of meat into the very, very tender and tasty.

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Hot for soup

Hurray! Soup weather has arrived. For me, Monday’s lunch is also Wednesday night’s dinner. I simply double the recipe then freeze it in meal-lot quantities. A good soup is a meal in one bowl, nutritious and easy to eat.

Soup is as old as the history of cooking. It was an economical way of using cereals (roasted and ground into a paste), animal bones and vegetable trimmings.

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Sustainability & hope

This isn’t the column I wanted to write.

I was back on my bike, back on the road again. Last year I cycled from Cape Reinga to my home in the Waikato. I was continuing the journey this year, heading for Wellington.

When I left home, the coronavirus – Covid-19 – had barely a toehold here. But that changed rapidly as I pedaled slowly along, everyday further from home.

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