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Suffering and superheroes: fire anniversary

Mar 31st, 2018 | By

The 10th anniversary of the fatal Icepak Tamahere fire has prompted another publication to look back a decade to April 5, 2008.

Raewyn Koppens describes the day she thought she’d died as an experience coloured with suffering and superheroes, reports the Waikato Times.

The light of a warm Saturday afternoon turned to darkness, and through a smokey haze, figures began to appear.

Icepak site sale disappoints

Jun 3rd, 2016 | By

The sale this week of the former Icepak site has failed to sever links with its tragic past.

The derelict site in central Tamahere was bought by one of the architects of the tragedy that cost the life of a firefighter in 2008, former Icepak director Wayne Grattan.

Grattan, who was personally fined $30,000 for his part in the death of firefighter Derek Lovell and injury to seven others, paid $865,000 for the former coolstore site where the disaster played out eight years ago.

Punches landed on quarry application

Sep 22nd, 2010 | By

An application to establish a huge sand quarry near the heart of Tamahere has been labelled selfish, inconsiderate and something which will drive residents crazy.

"Killer coolstore" on sale

Oct 1st, 2008 | By

For Sale signs were up at the killer Hamilton coolstore site today, with owner Icepak saying the community no longer wanted it.

Brief history of Icepak site

Jun 2nd, 2008 | By

A brief history of the Icepak site at Tamahere