SH 1 traffic switch ahead

SH1 traffic is to be switched on to new lanes running under the East West Link Bridge in July or earlier.

This will affect access to Cherry Lane, Bollard Road and the section of Cambridge Road in between.

Construction project staff will be at the Tamahere Community Centre from 4pm-7pm on Wednesday, June 19 to demonstrate how the new road layout will work, and answer questions.

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Expressway delays fibre rollout

A delay is likely in the roll out of the ultrafast broadband network in the Cherry Lane and Bollard Road areas.

The hold up comes because of work restrictions placed on contractors Ultra Fast Fibre from the Waikato Expressway construction in the same area.

“The latest we now expect to be able to connect anyone in this area is from 1st September,” said Mike Ryan of UFF.

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Expressway changes face of Tamahere

The once treed view alongside State Highway 1 close to Hamilton has rapidly given way to brown earthworks since early January as the latest section of the Waikato Expressway to effect Tamahere steps up pace.

Construction has begun of a new, two-lane Cambridge Rd off-ramp into Hamilton, east of the current SH1, opposite Cherry Lane.

The off-ramp is part of what will be something of a spaghetti junction which will eventually include an east/west bridge connecting Cherry Lane and Bollard Road with Cambridge Road and Birchwood Lane.

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Killer corner work to begin

Work to bring changes to State Highway 1 and improve safety at the killer Cherry Lane intersection are set to begin on Sunday, October 19.

The long awaited changes, including reducing the SH1 speed limit to 80km/hour between Annebrook and Bollard roads, come after widespread calls for action prompted by concerns at the high number of serious crashes at the corner, including a fatal accident in April.

In a letter to Tamahere locals, Fulton Hogan said the work would be carried out at night between October 19 and 23, weather permitting.

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Speed cut for killer corner

The NZ Transport Agency will cut the speed limit on State Highway 1 to 80km/h past the Cherry Lane killer corner.

The SH1 speed reduction, along with the removal of the southbound passing lane, were among safety improvements investigated after widespread calls for action on the corner prompted by concerns at the high number of serious crashes, including a fatal accident in April.

NZTA Principal Safety Engineer Michelle Te Wharau said today that after community consultation it had been decided to go ahead with the most far reaching safety measures.

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Killer corner no safer

None of the measures mooted to increase driver safety at the Cherry Lane – State Highway 1 killer corner have been done a month after many were expected to be in place.

In early May, the NZ Transport Agency detailed short and long term actions ranging from road signs to reduced speed limits but a month after NZTA’s own deadline Cherry Lane residents are still waiting.

The measures agreed with a residents’ group followed widespread calls for action on the corner prompted by concerns at the high number of serious crashes, including a fatal accident in April.

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