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Five years on from Icepak fire

Mar 31st, 2013 | By

Five years ago the Icepak coolstores at Tamahere exploded, killing a fireman, injuring seven others and scarring a community. Philippa Stevenson, a Tamahere resident and journalist, reflects on the tragedy and asks whether it could happen again.

Tamahere Model Country School’s annual Pumpkin Night, held a week ago, was a delight.

As one Pumpkin Night follows another it feels like nothing changes.

But some things certainly need to change. Because Pumpkin Night five years ago ended before it began with a black mushroom cloud blasting and boiled into the sky, taking a life and changing the course of many others forever.

Courage under fire

Apr 23rd, 2010 | By

Tamahere resident Russell Walsh remembers vividly an injured and dazed firefighter pleading with those at a coolstore blaze to “move away, you’re too close”.

Lovell trust mentors first young hunters

Feb 20th, 2010 | By

Students from St Bede’s College, Christchurch, this month took part in the inaugural Derek Lovell Young Hunters’ Trust event at Rata Peaks Station.

Widow should get more: Grattan

Dec 21st, 2009 | By

Icepak managing director Wayne Grattan thinks firefighter Derek Lovell’s widow Milli should receive more in compensation than the $60,000 awarded by the court last week.

Blast fines, compo found wanting

Dec 15th, 2009 | By

A judge today fined Mobile Refrigeration Specialists $56,000 and ordered the company to pay $175,000 to the victims of the April 5, 2008 Icepak Coolstores blast, the widow of fireman Derek Lovell and the seven other firemen injured in the tragedy.

"Catalogue of errors" causes blast

Dec 15th, 2009 | By

Labour Department lawyer Shona Carr has outlined a catalogue of errors and inaction she said contributed to the fatal April 5, 2008 Icepak Coolstores explosion.

Blast death haunts mates

Dec 15th, 2009 | By

The death of firefighter Derek Lovell will haunt his colleagues for years to come, says the lawyer hired to represent them.

Icepak coolstore "bomb" in waiting

Dec 14th, 2009 | By

A refrigeration company has been accused of creating a bomb at the Icepak coolstores at Tamahere that killed one firefighter and seriously injured seven others in April 2008.