Gnome on the range

Just what is the cultural history of the garden gnome in New Zealand?

Fortunately, we need wonder no longer thanks to senior lecturer at Waikato University Ian Duggan who turned detective to reveal the, at times, pilloried life of the kiwi garden gnome.

And we know of Duggan’s extra-curricula studies (he’s usually a freshwater ecologist) thanks to the intrepid reporting of our sister community news website Number 8 Network.

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Gimme shelter

Running a shelter for dogs is addictive, says Cherie Baker.

Cherie takes in canines from all over the North Island and they arrive at her Gordonton property in all stages of health. “It can be pretty sad. But it’s nice when they become healthy again.”

She started the shelter two years ago after helping foster a few dogs, reports Tamahere Forum‘s sister community website Number 8 Network.

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Tougher driving test slips gear

It got a lot tougher to get a driver’s licence earlier this year – some say unfairly tough and placing a heavy burden on rural dwellers.

Each week nationwide, 600 mostly young people fail the new test but that may only be good for road safety if the testing regime is a fair one.

The mood was grim, especially for country folk down at the driver testing station recently.

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A recipe for fine Christmas

Christmas day may be bearing down on us like a runaway reindeer but there is still time to make a scrumptious, traditional Christmas cake.

Forget the notion that the fruity, grog-laden cake has to be made well in advance to let the flavours merge. And forget, too, that it has to be baked in a tin.

Both have been disproved by food lover and writer Annette Taylor of our sister community website, Number 8 Network. The recipe she shares proves winning even on the day.

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New website for district neighbours

Another community in the Waikato distict now has a dedicated website focusing on its local news, issues, events and features.

Number 8 Network was launched recently as an online hub for people living in and around Gordonton, Horsham Downs, Taupiri, Tauhei, Puketaha and other rural communities north-east of Hamilton.

Tamahere Forum, Tamahere’s digital hub since 2008, welcomes Number 8 Network and invites readers south of Hamilton to to see what our northerly district neighbours are up to.

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Award sweet for local beekeepers

Waikato beekeepers Stephanie and Martin Lynch of Sweetree honey, regular stallholders at the Tamahere Market, have won an award at the national Farmers Market Awards.

The Horsham Downs couple were placed top in the ‘From the Kitchen Bench’ section of the annual awards’ Ones to Watch 2011 category.

The couple with sons Daniel, eight, and Matthew, six, are involved in every aspect of the business, from bee husbandry, to harvesting, processing, packing and point of sale.

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