Boy racers rile locals

Boy racers have held large, noisy gatherings on the new Pickering Rd roundabout for the last three Friday nights.

At least a hundred cars turned up last Friday with drivers doings wheelies around and over the roundabout and even in the nearby duck pond, killing the ducks, said a local resident.

Locals have called the Police but are urging more people concerned about the intimidating antics to also contact authorities with their concerns.

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Locals get road access reprieve

As construction of the Waikato Expressway proceeds Pickering Rd and Oaklea Lane residents have been given a reprieve from forced, lengthy detours.

An access road has been completed around Ambreed which gives affected residents temporary access to SH1.

NZTA and HEB Construction provided the access after nearby residents sought an alternative to lengthy detours while the expressway bridge and Pickering Rd connection under the bridge was completed.

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