School locked down after gun sighted

A gun scare put Tamahere School in lock down this afternoon for just under an hour.

Police were called to the school after senior students reportedly saw a stranger behind the school grounds wearing a balaclava and carrying what appeared to be a shotgun.

The lock down began around 1.20pm was lifted around 2.10pm after police inspected the school grounds and the area where the stranger was spotted and did not find anything.

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Police hunt tactics justified: IPCA

A night of tense drama in Tamahere when Police helicopters flew overhead, residents were warned to stay in their homes and wanted criminals ran through properties has had a sequel.

Police were justified in firing a warning shot and setting their dogs on two men who fled after a police chase near Hamilton, according to a report released by the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

The report found the Waikato officers were “responding to a complex situation that required various tactics” to arrest two wanted men who ran from police after their car crashed on State Highway 1 at Tamahere on February 28, 2013.

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Police hunt crash runaway by car, ‘copter

A fleeing driver crashed in Tamahere overnight after a high-speed chase in a case involving drugs and an attack on a police dog.

Police abandoned the late Thursday night chase in Tamahere, after speeds exceeded 180 kilometres per hour, reported residents and the news media.

After the pursuit was abandoned, the car slid sideways across the road before crashing through trees on the corner of State Highway One and Airport Road.

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