Camex fined for Tamahere pollution

A Cambridge company has been convicted and fined $19,125 for sediment discharges into a Tamahere stream.

The Waikato Regional Council prosecuted Cambridge Excavators Limited (Camex) under the Resource Management Act.

It involved two separate incidents that occurred in November 2016 when a large sediment retention pond used during development of the Tamahere Recreation Reserve was being decommissioned.

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Regal fined over decrepit truck wash

Regal Haulage’s truck wash in the Tamahere Reserve remains shut down after the company was fined $1500 by the Waikato Regional Council for breaching its resource consent.

The alarm was raised over the decrepit nature of the drainage system from the truck wash and its impact downstream by concerned local Owen Trolove in February.

The facility was closed down by the regional council, which then launched an investigation into the discharge.

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Regal truck wash shut down

Regal Haulage’s truck wash site, within the Tamahere Reserve, has temporarily shut down after a local resident raised concerns it was polluting the Mangaone Stream.

The Waikato Regional Council (WRC), which acted to close the site, said investigations showed that a “malfunction in the truck wash was causing runoff into the stream”.

But an inspection today of the rubbish-strewn site with whistle blower Owen Trolove suggested that Regal Haulage could also be breaching its lease with the Waikato District Council (WDC) as well as its discharge consent from the regional council.

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More rubbish at river ramp

Piles of newspapers, car parts, lumps of concrete and abandoned furniture litter the lush banks of the Waikato River near Riverside Golf Club.

At the boat ramp around the corner off Narrows Lane, in Tamahere, a burnt-out car recently sat for two weeks before it was removed by Waikato District Council.

Narrows Lane resident Stan Woolston said the boat ramp, which he estimated was around six years old, was a dumping ground for fish carcasses and beer bottles.

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Guts spilled at boat ramp

A large number of gutted fish strewn in the shallow water near the Tamahere boat ramp has disgusted a local man.

Owen Trolove was taking a short stroll on the riverbank alongside the boat ramp near the Narrows Bridge on Tuesday afternoon when he spotted up to 30 gutted fish rotting in the shallows.

He hopes someone might have seen who dumped the fish so the practice can be stopped.

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