Suffering and superheroes: fire anniversary

The 10th anniversary of the fatal Icepak Tamahere fire has prompted another publication to look back a decade to April 5, 2008.

Raewyn Koppens describes the day she thought she’d died as an experience coloured with suffering and superheroes, reports the Waikato Times.

The light of a warm Saturday afternoon turned to darkness, and through a smokey haze, figures began to appear.

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Good cake, good wish

This is the story of how Lillian Scott’s trusty Christmas cake from the 1920s has ended up in hundreds of Waikato households.

Lillian Scott was from Gisborne, she raised five daughters, passed on her Christmas cake recipe to them, and now it’s being made at Hamilton’s Sugar Plum Cake Company by the owners, Tamahere’s Raewyn Koppens and her partner Rosita General.

Koppens is Lillian Scott’s grand-daughter, the cake is a longtime family favourite, and this is the second Christmas that it’s been made commercially at Sugar Plum.

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Baking proves a plum job

Tamahere woman Raewyn Koppens has turned her love of baking into a business.

Raewyn and cake decorator colleague Rosita General have recently opened the Sugar Plum Cake Company in Alexandra St in central Hamilton, a move that brings them out of the baking backroom.

Setting up shop for themselves has put the pair publicly behind the cakes, cupcakes, cookies and slices that Hamiltonians have been enjoying in the city’s Momento chain of cafes for some time.

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