Walk tips to stay safe

A concerned local makes a plea for people walking on our roads to follow the road code’s recommendation to walk on the side facing oncoming vehicles.

“At least then evasive action can be taken if needed,” says a concerned Raeburne Bourke.

“I am amazed at the number of folk who walk with their backs to traffic and some people are well out into the carriage way.”

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Let’s walk on the right side

Let’s walk safely out there, urges a Tamahere resident.

“As a walker and driver I am amazed at the number of people I see walking around Tamahere wearing dark clothes, without a torch, reflectors or “fluro” safety vests and apparently unaware of the safety code for walkers. I have had to take avoidance action on occasions, especially at night,” she said.

Her plea comes as the Waikato region road safety group urged care after five pedestrians died in the Waikato region over recent months, the most recent near Gordonton on July 12.

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