Hot for soup

Hurray! Soup weather has arrived. For me, Monday’s lunch is also Wednesday night’s dinner. I simply double the recipe then freeze it in meal-lot quantities. A good soup is a meal in one bowl, nutritious and easy to eat.

Soup is as old as the history of cooking. It was an economical way of using cereals (roasted and ground into a paste), animal bones and vegetable trimmings.

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Bean me up

I like to cook. Chopping and stirring, measuring and mixing give me great pleasure.

Such things provide an oasis of calm in a hectic day. In an unpredictable world they give me a sense of control. I like that. A lot.

I love a rare morning or an occasional afternoon stretching out in front of me in which I can devote myself to reading recipes, getting inspiration and enjoying cooking and baking.

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