Call for safe walkways in Tamahere goes to government

The need for walking and cycling routes in Tamahere that are safe from State Highway 1 traffic has been put directly to the government.

Earlier this month, Tamahere Community Committee (TCC) member James Yearsley put the case for an underpass from Devine Rd under the SH1 on-ramp to Parliament’s Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee.

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More Newell Rd blockage to come

More disruption to traffic at the State Highway 1 – Newell Rd intersection is expected as reconstruction of the crumbling culvert under SH1 winds up.

More than $769,000 worth of repairs of the colourfully named Dreadnought Culvert began just over a week ago and is expected to finish, depending on weather, in about a week’s time.

A large amount of heavy machinery, including a crane, has been needed for the reconstruction, requiring Newell Rd to be closed off at the intersection with SH1 as it was moved in.

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Duncan Rd-SH1 crossroad to close

UPDATE: Access from Duncan Rd to State Highway 1 will close permanently from Wednesday, May 6 – brought forward from Thursday.

At the same time, SH1 traffic will be switched onto the new expressway between Duncan Road and just south of the Cambridge Northern expressway interchange. (Not over Thursday/Friday as notified earlier.)

The NZ Transport Agency and HEB Construction recommends that in future Duncan Road residents use Pencarrow Road and the existing Tamahere Interchange to access SH1.

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Traffic on track for bridge

The local portion of the Waikato Expressway is expected to reach a major milestone this week with the switch of State Highway 1 traffic on to the newly completed Pickering Road bridge.

The switchover is expected to take place around 5.30am on Friday, March 6.

As a result there will no longer be access from SH1 to and from Pickering and Pencarrow Roads for local traffic.

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Speed cut for killer corner

The NZ Transport Agency will cut the speed limit on State Highway 1 to 80km/h past the Cherry Lane killer corner.

The SH1 speed reduction, along with the removal of the southbound passing lane, were among safety improvements investigated after widespread calls for action on the corner prompted by concerns at the high number of serious crashes, including a fatal accident in April.

NZTA Principal Safety Engineer Michelle Te Wharau said today that after community consultation it had been decided to go ahead with the most far reaching safety measures.

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Short squeeze on SH 1 lanes

A new road layout will be in place on State Highway 1 (SH1) between Tamahere’s Airport Road interchange and Pickering Road, from Thursday, August 21.

The NZ Transport Agency says the temporary changes stemming from continued Waikato Expressway construction will be weather dependent and may start later next week if rain is forecast.

Motorists are urged to take extra care when travelling along the new layout and to allow for short delays due to the changes.

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Killer corner no safer

None of the measures mooted to increase driver safety at the Cherry Lane – State Highway 1 killer corner have been done a month after many were expected to be in place.

In early May, the NZ Transport Agency detailed short and long term actions ranging from road signs to reduced speed limits but a month after NZTA’s own deadline Cherry Lane residents are still waiting.

The measures agreed with a residents’ group followed widespread calls for action on the corner prompted by concerns at the high number of serious crashes, including a fatal accident in April.

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Truck fire stops SH1

A truck that burst into flames on State Highway 1 at Tamahere tonight stopped traffic and spewed acrid smoke around the Devine Rd area.

The shaken driver of the Bublitz Transport truck was heading north into Hamilton around 6.30pm when flames started coming from the engine.

The driver, who gave his name as Willy, managed to bring his rig to a halt on the State Highway by the top of the Devine Rd on-ramp.

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Calls for action on killer corner

Calls are mounting for the NZ Transport Agency to take action on the Cherry Lane killer corner.

With the most recent fatal accident at the intersection with State Highway 1 only days ago, Cherry Lane residents took their concerns to last night’s annual planning meeting with the Waikato District Council.

Tamahere Councillor Wally Hayes was also quick to call for action after the April 3 death of Hamilton civil campaigner John Easto at the Cherry Lane-SH1 crossroad.

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