Appeal over Icepak site

An appeal has been lodged on the decision to decline a precedent-setting residential subdivision on the the former Icepak Coolstores site.

The site owner, former Icepak director Wayne Grattan, is appealing the resource consent decision by an independent commissioner on grounds including that undue weight was put on the precedent-setting nature of the subdivision.

Waikato District Council Hearing Commissioner David Hill said in January that the application to subdivide the 2.1ha Devine Rd block into six lots could not be justified.

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Icepak subdivision declined

A bid to subdivide the former Icepak Coolstores site into a precedent setting number of residential blocks has been declined.

In a decision released yesterday, Waikato District Council Hearing Commissioner David Hill said the application to subdivide the 2.1ha block into six lots, all less than the 5,000 square metres provided in the district plan, could not be justified.

The application, which came almost 10 years after the Devine Rd site was razed by an explosion and fire that killed a fireman, was made by former Icepak managing director Wayne Grattan.

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Flood risk study raises ire

Tamahere residents are furious “inaccurate” information about flood risks to their properties has been publicly released with the potential to affect their property values.

The Waikato District Council yesterday released a study into the drainage patterns of the Tamahere Country Living Zone, showing potential flood risk areas during “extreme rainfall” for 920 properties.

But the move has infuriated some residents, who say the data is dated and doesn’t take in to account extensive drainage work undertaken in the area.

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Council releases old flood data

The Waikato District Council has released out-dated information about the likelihood of some Tamahere properties to flood at times of heavy rainfall over the objections of local representatives.

Aerial maps used in a study to show properties that may have a build-up of surface water in a one-in-100 year storm date from around four years ago (2007-2008).

Both the Tamahere district councillor Wally Hayes and the Tamahere Community Committee had urged the council to release up-to-date information, expected to be available later this year.

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Hub, road designs in melting pot

Investigations are continuing on plans for a Tamahere village hub following feedback at last month’s public open day.

Community views on the two hub design options are divided. Nearly half (29) of the 62 responses favoured Option A – retail development located on the corner of Devine Road and the proposed link road. Sixteen responses supported Option B – retail development located central to the proposed link road and recreational area – but a further 17 responses were unsure about either option.

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Feedback sought on hub, roads

Tamahere people are being asked for their views on significant changes for Tamahere, including the site for a proposed village hub or retail centre, and on far-reaching changes to local roads.

The Waikato District Council held a well-attended open day in the Tamahere Community Centre this week to gauge views on two options for a hub and on a number of proposed roading changes, which could significantly impact on the way locals use and travel around the area.

The deadline for feedback, on the form available on Tamahere Forum, is Friday, February 18.

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Views sought on village centre

The Waikato District Council will seek more views about recreational facilities and a commercial hub for Tamahere at a public open day on Thursday, February 10.

Last July, the council asked for comments on how the community wanted to see the Tamahere Country Living Zone develop.

Since then, the council has reviewed the feedback, made additional investigations and is now seeking further comment,” said Waikato District Council General Manager Strategy & Support Tony Whittaker.

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