Locals keen for “awesome” park

Tamahere people have strongly indicated they are keen for “awesomeness” in their long awaited sports and recreation grounds.

A significant majority of locals who responded to a survey on whether they wanted a basic or enhanced level of facilities, including a bigger playground and high-spec walkway, have opted for the top line option.

The enhanced grounds come at a cost of an estimated additional $38 on annual rates.

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Deadline looms on sport grounds

The deadline is just days away for submissions on the proposed sport and recreation facilities for Tamahere and locals are urged to have their say.

Tamahere ward councillor Aksel Bech said whatever is decided now will not be changed or re-done for decades.

“We are a fast growing community that has previously not really had many facilities,” he said.

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Views wanted on sport facilities

Tamahere locals are being canvassed for their views on the number and kind of sport and recreation facilities they want at the stalled, central Tamahere recreation reserve.

The reserve, bounded by the Tamahere School and community centre grounds, Wiremu Tamihana Drive and Airport Rd, has seen very little progress in the past year.

Now the Waikato District Council has proposed two options, one with facilities that will come at no extra cost, and one with more facilities that would require a small, annual charge on rates.

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TCC members beautify grounds

Tamahere Community Committee members have been digging in for a good cause this week in the interests of a lovely and leafy environment.

Committee members including deputy chair Sue Robertson and Leo Koppens, pictured, planted around 160 trees and shrubs to screen an unsightly industrial site from the new recreation reserve.

Also pitching in to beautify the reserve with kahikatea and ribbonwood trees were TCC members Ro Edge and Graham McAdam, and local Keith Robertson.

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Big challenges for homeless nursery

The Waikato District Council has heeded a community call for the Tamahere Plant Nursery to continue to be able to make the central recreation reserve its home.

But some very big challenges lie ahead for the non-profit, community facility before its future can be assured.

Eviction day for the nursery is a very near April 13.

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Tamahere issues go national

Tamahere issues and new developments, including the new Tamahere Village development, were aired to the nation this morning.

Tamahere Forum editor Philippa Stevenson got a chance to talk about Tamahere as a guest on Radio NZ’s summer Saturday morning The Weekend programme with host Lynn Freeman.

Stevenson, along with Radio NZ Waikato reporter Andrew McRae, also talked about broader Waikato issues on the show, which was aired live from Hamilton from 8am to midday.

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$3.2m sports ground on way

Tamahere’s central sports and recreational ground is set to emerge from a mix of paddocks and cleared house sites over the next three years at a cost of nearly $3.2 million.

In recent weeks the house on the corner of Devine Rd and Wiremu Tamehana Drive has been moved away and two other houses in the centre of the recreation reserve area will soon follow suit.

Initial site works for the recreation area will take place over the coming spring and summer, the Tamahere Community Committee was told at its July meeting.

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Locals given sporting chance

What should be included in Tamahere’s new recreation reserve and where, and how should it look?

Tamahere residents are invited to share their ideas and views on the new sports and recreation park at a community drop-in session on Monday, October 13 from 2.30-6.30pm at the Tamahere Community Centre.

The Waikato District Council’s project team will be on hand to outline a draft concept plan for the proposed reserve alongside Tamahere School and get locals’ thoughts.

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Sports grounds in play

Planning is underway for the Tamahere hub sports grounds.

At its August meeting, the Tamahere Community Committee said it was keen to get locals’ input into a concept plan for the grounds alongside Tamahere School, including on a name for the area.

The committee felt naming the area the Tamahere Sports Park was too restrictive given the potential wide use of the area and mooted the name, Tamahere Village Green.

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Early chance to see hub plans

Plans for the central Tamahere sports grounds and village hub are to be presented at this month’s Tamahere Community Committee meeting.

The Waikato District Council presentation of draft concepts for the communal area will be made at the beginning of the meeting on August 4, which will start at the earlier time of 6.30pm. The meeting is open to the public.

It will be an early chance for locals to see proposals for the sport, recreation and village hub area adjacent to Tamahere School and bounded by Devine Rd and the new Wiremu Tamihana Drive.

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