Out of Ethiopia

Today I received the astonishing news that I’m descended from a woman born 25,000 years ago on the eastern edge of the Black Sea.

This is science not science fiction but so “out there” I am still reeling from the awe-inspiring fact.

A month ago I rubbed the inside of my cheek with a couple of cotton buds, packaged them up, sent them off in the mail and waited to find out which of the so-called seven daughters of Eve my DNA would reveal I am descended from.

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Muffin break

Have you ever had one those moments when the scales literally fall from your eyes? An ‘oh my god’ moment when you get gob stopping clarity?

My OMG moment came when in the midst of a book it dawned on me that in a nearly 30-year career in agricultural journalism that I had never asked a fundamental question.

I was no cheerleader for the farming industries I reported on, latterly at the NZ Herald, or so I thought.

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Lentil does it

Since becoming a total vegetarian 19 months ago I’ve found that vegetarians often lay low.

But volunteer that you are a vego and suddenly others of your acquaintance ‘fess up. Or are most of the time. Or want to be but for the tricky business of managing two or more different food requirements at dinner time. Or think they haven’t got the time.

Just as on St Patrick’s Day the Irish say everyone is or wants to be Irish it seems that when it comes to meal times many people would like to be vegetarian. They just haven’t figured out how.

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Bean me up

I like to cook. Chopping and stirring, measuring and mixing give me great pleasure.

Such things provide an oasis of calm in a hectic day. In an unpredictable world they give me a sense of control. I like that. A lot.

I love a rare morning or an occasional afternoon stretching out in front of me in which I can devote myself to reading recipes, getting inspiration and enjoying cooking and baking.

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