Submission guide

Tamahere Community CommitteeResidents of a community can make their views known by making submissions on a range of things, including annual and long term plans, reviews, and resource consent applications

The following Q&A is provided to throw some light on the submission process.

What is a submission?
A submission presents your opinions and/or recommendations on options or consents that our local council is proposing. There might be things you think are important that are not included, or issues you disagree with.

Why make a submission?
So council can take a range of views into account when making decisions around plans or consents. The more submissions it has the better the range of views and understanding of community concerns councillors are aware of when making their decisions.

When can I make a submission?
At any time before the consultation period ends.

How do I make a submission?

Complete the submission form available on the Waikato District Council website (click here), or create your own in the same format and post or drop it into WDC. (See examples of TCC’s submissions here). There is also the opportunity to speak to your submission in front of the councillors and this is a valuable exercise.

What happens to my submission once the council receives it?
A letter will be sent to you acknowledging your submission has been received. It will be summarised, reviewed by council staff, and any relevant comments added. This information will then be included in the agenda for the hearings. The agenda is available to the public, so if you want to read it please inquire t WDC.

If I want to speak to my submission, how do I prepare?
If you indicate on your submission form that you would like to speak, you will be contact by WDC to make a suitable time. At the hearing you can only speak about the points raised in your submission. If you have new material, it must relate to the original submission and you will need to provide photocopies of that new material for every councillor.

Click here for the submissions the Tamahere Community Committee has presented.